Cylindroma of the Breast Rare to Find, Difficult to Diagnose A Report of Two Cases Abeer Abdul-Hameed Ahmed* CABS, Nihad Salih Rahmatalla** FICMS

  • imj Iraq Medical Journal
Keywords: Cylindroma, Breast carcinoma, Breast.


Background: Cylindroma is a benign adnexal tumor occurs as a solitary dermal nodule on the scalp and forehead, but rarely in breast, where the lesion is morphologically and immune phonologically similar to a benign dermal cylindroma and malignant adenoid cystic carcinoma of breast. In this article, we report two cases of breast cylindroma which were an incidental finding in a breast lumpectomy specimen and discuss the challenge of differentiating breast cylindroma from adenoid cystic carcinoma and the difficulty of establishing a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan. From period 2000 to 2018, we report two cases of healthy multipara women presented with breast lump for the first time, their breasts imaging exams revealed BIRADS 3 score, fine needle aspirate was done and showed probably benign lesion. Thus, excisional biopsy was recommended to exclude breast carcinoma. Histopathological study proved rare cylindroma tumor of breast and both patients were subjected to periodic follow up.

Conclusion: Breast cylindromas are rare tumor to find, their clinical, radiological and fine needle aspirate cytology results cannot be differentiated from other benign breast tumors.  Diagnosis can be reached only by histopathological exam and is confirmed by Immunohistochemical staining to differentiate it from histopathologically similar adenoid cystic carcinoma of breast as the implications for prognosis and management of these lesions are obviously different.  Keywords: Cylindroma, Breast carcinoma, Breast.  


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