Outcome of Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery in AlKufa ENT Training Center, Iraq Haider Majid Haider Al-Zaidi* FIBMS, Yasir L. Hassoun** FICM

  • imj Iraq Medical Journal
Keywords: Functional endoscopic sinus surgery, Lund-Mackay scoring system, Chronic rhinosinusitis.


Background: Functional endoscopic sinus surgery is an effective method of treating chronic rhinosinusitis with or without polyps. It started to be used in Al-Kufa ENT Training center in Al-Sadr Medical city in 2008 for limited cases, but in 2013 it progressed significantly.

Objectives: To evaluate the outcome of endoscopic sinus surgery performed in Al-Kufa ENT Training center for Iraqi Board.

Method: A sample of 20 patients underwent FESS in Al-Kufa ENT Training center 2013 for chronic rhinosinusitis that fail to resolve after 3 months of medical treatment. These were prospectively assessed preoperatively, intraoperativly, 3, 6 and 12 months after the operation, using the Lund-Mackay staging system score (Modified for the symptoms score).

Results: There was a highly significant difference between preoperative symptoms with postoperative visits (P<0.001). Also, a highly significant difference in the "general discomfort" between the preoperative visit and all 3 postoperative visits (p<0.001). We found a non-significant correlation between radiological score and mean degree of symptoms (P=0.465), while a strong positive significant correlation between total radiological score and total endoscopic score was found (P<0.001). Also, there was a highly significant difference between the preoperative endoscopic score and that of other visits (P<0.001). 

Conclusion: Endoscopic sinus surgery effective in relieving symptoms and improving quality of life of patients. 



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