Rhomboidal Excision and Limberg Flap for Treatment of Pilonidal Sinus A Clinical Experience Anwer Ayyed Abdulkadhim* FICMS, Bassam Hameed Al-Jarrah* FICMS

  • imj Iraq Medical Journal
Keywords: Pilonidal sinus treatment, Rhomboidal excision, Limberg flap, Recurrence rate.


Background: There are many modalities for the treatment of pilonidal sinus, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Using a cutaneous flap in closing the defect of the excised sinus has lastly been used and claimed to be of low side effects and better long lasting results.

Objectives: To evaluate the results of using a rhomboidal excision and rotational (Limberg) flap in the treatment of pilonidal sinus.

Methods: A case-series study, performed at Baghdad teaching and private hospitals from the 1st of February 2016 to the 1st of January 2018. A total of 48 patients were enrolled in this study. All underwent rhomboidal excision and Limberg flap surgery. Outcome results were evaluated.

Results: Of the 48 patients studied, there were 31 (64.5%) males and 17(35.5%) females. The age ranged between 16 and 40 years. The recurrence rate was 2.1% and the postoperative complications were 8.4%. About 70% of the patients were satisfied about the results of the operation. 

Conclusion: The rhomboidal excision and rotational flap surgery for treatment of pilonidal sinus is a good choice and has low rate of recurrence and good patient satisfaction


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