The Distribution of the Differen The Distribution of the Different Types of Primary Headache and Facial Pain in Geriatrics Adil Adnan Yaseen* FICMS (Neurology)

  • imj Iraq Medical Journal
Keywords: Headache, Facial pain, Elderly


Background: Headache is the commonest complaint in medicine. It is divided into primary and secondary according to its association with a cause or not. The incidence of primary headache decreases in elderly. This makes headache in elderly patients more serious problem, as the secondary causes of headache represent higher percentage in elderly than in younger age group. This needs more clinical experience, investigations and efforts.

Objectives: To evaluate the distribution of the different types of the primary headache among elderly patients for both genders.

Methods: This is an observational prospective study that enrolled 80 elderly patients above the age of 65 years, whom presented with primary headache in a privet clinic in Baghdad, Iraq, between January and August 2015. The patients have been subjected to clinical assessment as well as laboratory investigations according to the needs of each case. The diagnosis and classification of headache types was based on the International Classification of Headache Disorders, 3rd edition (beta version).

Results: This study reveals clear female predominance that represented 65% of cases with headache. The mean age of patients was 71 years. The distribution of the different types of the primary headache among elderly show that tension headache represented (52.5%) and migraine (25%) and they are the commonest types. Tension headache represented a little higher percentage compared to similar studies in other countries.

Conclusions: This study reveals that most primary headaches in the elderly are tension headache and migraine. In Iraq, especially tension headache is little more than in other country and this is may be contributed to the association of this type of headache with psychological problems, that the general population suffering from due to hard conditions of the country


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