By now, the Iraqi Medical Journal (IMJ) is celebrating its 63rd anniversary, and in the same time a new Editorial Board has been nominated to take over. The IMJ is one of the oldest Iraqi Medical Journals and has served to enforce the medical knowledge among Iraqi and regional doctors for more than of half century. During this period, there were difficult years because of the unstable circumstances of the country, and in spite of this, the IMJ continued to appear and remained till the time being as one of the recognized medical journal in Iraq. We, the new Editorial Board, feel the responsibility and have the will to improve the quality of this journal. We are planning to launch a new organized website with an electronic submission system. Also, we aim to improve the standard of the papers submitted to the journal looking foreword for our journal to be internationally indexed. As we are looking for the future, we should remember with proud all previous editorial boards and we should thank especially the last one for their hard working during the last difficult years. We trust in God and we hope for better future and new looking Iraqi Medical Journal.

On behalf of the Editorial Board
Dr. Abdul Ameer Mohsen
Editorial Director