Research Laboratories and Laboratory Tests of Arab and Moslem Doctors

Research Laboratories and Laboratory Tests of Arab and Moslem Doctors

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Part One: The Research Laboratories: Arab and Moslem doctors' dependence on experimental methods in scientific research is very clear. They accepted only what was proved by experiments. Rhazes said "We only trust in what comes after experiments and examinations."They considered the experiment as a basis for studying all sciences. Jaber Bin Hayan was the first who claimed this, Saying: "son, depend on the experiment in order to reach the knowledge".

They listed some polices for those who work in laboratories. The current research paper discusses these in detail, which are:

1- Putting a plan and introduction for the case under study.

2- Using delicate balances.

3- Not to judge the experiment’s failure from the first trial.

4- Laboratory instruments and tools.


Part Two: Laboratory tests in the Arabic and Islamic heritage: They depended in their laboratory attempts to examine body excretions on their external observations because the microscope had not been discovered yet. This research deals in their opinions in the following observations:

1- Vomiting.     2- Feces.    3- Urine.     4- Sweat.


Part Three: The most important inventions of experiment and research of Arab and Moslem scientists: The research discusses in detail their discoveries in the following fields:

1- Using chemical reactions to produce drugs.

2- Pharmacological tests on animals.

3- Inventing scientific devices of a significant sizeable number.


Iraqi Medical Journal Vol. 54, No. 1, June 2008; p. 41.

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