The Use of Lichtenstein Operation under Local Anesthesia for Inguinal Hernia

inguinal hernia is one of the commonest surgical problems

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Keywords: Lichtenstein, Operation, Anesthesia, Inguinal, Hernia



Background: inguinal hernia is one of the commonest surgical problems among male population and its treatment includes variable methods and their modification. Lichtenstein operation although is very popular allover the world; it is not commonly used in our country.

Objectives: To asses the feasibility and safety of open tension free mesh repair (Lichtenstein operation) of inguinal hernias on ambulatory surgery basis.

Methods: A prospective interventional study of the Lichtenstein operation on 108 patients with inguinal hernias was conducted in the department of general surgery in Al-Kindy Teaching Hospital from April 2006 to April 2008. Data related to age, sex, type of hernia (direct or indirect), feasibility of Lichtenstein operation under unmonitored local anesthesia and its surgical outcome was studied prospectively.

Results: Male : female ratio was 26:1. One hundred and eight patients were operated safely using the (step by step technique) on day surgery basis with minimum morbidity rate (14%). Most of the complications were minor and included: seroma 3.1%, hematoma 1.6%, scrotal swelling 3.1%, superficial infection 1.6%, vasovagal syncope1.6% and wound numbness 3.1%. The majority of patients developed mild postoperative pain (60%). All patients were discharged on the same day of operation.

Conclusion: The Lichtenstein operation can be safely performed under unmonitored local anesthesia in an ambulatory surgery with low morbidity.

Keywords: Inguinal hernia, Lichtenstein operation.

Iraqi Medical Journal Vol. 63, No. 1, January 2017; p.59-64.

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